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A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.”

John Ruskin

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Our Fundraising Challenge

We need to raise a minimum of £1m to ensure the KLTC can undertake the technical works to save and reopen Ruskin’s View and The Brow footpath. A volunteer-led fundraising working group (The Friends of Ruskin’s View) has been established, and we are working hard to raise the money to ensure this treasured historic viewpoint and precious heritage attraction is saved for future generations to enjoy. The public fundraising campaign was officially launched in November 2022 (including an online crowd funding platform) and we have since received some fantastic media coverage which is helping to raise awareness and attract support.

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Our Volunteers

Meet some of our wonderful volunteers and hear how they heard about Save Ruskin’s View and what it means to them.

  • Marie Batty

    I started volunteering my time to Save Ruskin’s View because I believe it is Important to pull together on community projects. I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering so far with such a great bunch! Ruskin’s View is more than just a view that should be kept for future generations.
  • Jonathan Thackery

    I am a classically-trained Double Bassist, who played with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and other ensembles over many years; I was also manager of Northern Chamber Orchestra. Now, in retirement, I am an active and keen amateur musician. I have been a regular visitor to Kirkby Lonsdale for a considerable time and, as a family, we feel an attachment to this lovely town and area. I have spent much time enjoying Ruskin’s View and, when volunteers for the appeal were being sought, I jumped at the opportunity to help. I enjoy being part of the team and want to play an active role in helping to raise the money needed to restore the iconic ‘Brow’.
  • Issy Bradshaw

    I’m a Kirkby Lonsdale Town Councillor and have been heavily involved with the community since helping start up and run the KL Community Cupboard in March 2020. I got involved in SRV as Ruskin’s View footpath is one of the few nature walks in Kirkby Lonsdale that is friendly for wheelchair users. I love volunteering with SRV, because of the joy from talking to everyone who comes forward with their own pictures and memories of the view and footpath! Ruskin’s View is iconic to the town and means so much to everyone in Kirkby Lonsdale, I think losing it would have a big impact for our community.
  • Anne Burgess

    I've lived near Kirkby Lonsdale for twenty years, and mostly know Ruskin's View and The Brow as interesting, historic, and beautiful places to enjoy and share with friends and family. I decided to volunteer with The Friends of Ruskin's View as I was discovering how much they mean to so many peopleas a place of exercise, of contemplation of memories - that inspired me to volunteer.
  • Suzanne Sutton

    Originally from the area, I returned to my roots to settle in Kirkby Lonsdale where I have loved getting to know and becoming part of the most amazing community. I am now a Town Guide and a volunteer in the Tourist Office and both of these things help me appreciate our town’s history and people. For me, the beauty of Ruskin’s View never fails to produce a feeling of calm, perspective and well-being - whatever the weather and whatever my mood! The closure of the Brow and the loss of Ruskin's View is felt keenly by visitors and locals alike and that is why we have to make every effort to restore access to this unique gift of nature.
  • Gill Hardy

    After wanting to live in Kirkby Lonsdale for some time, we finally moved here, from Lancaster, in 2015 and haven’t looked back. We love all aspects of being here – friends, the supportive community, the town, the lovely countryside and of course, beautiful Ruskin’s View. I run my own business from home and feel very lucky to be able to do so in such a lovely place. I became a volunteer for ‘Save Ruskins View’ about a year ago, really enjoy it and try to help where I can. For me, Ruskin’s View is simply a beautiful and peaceful place which just makes me feel good and very appreciative, whatever the weather. I think the closure of the Brow and not being able to access Ruskin's View is such a loss to the community & tourists alike.

Save Ruskin's View

We need you!

We’re always looking for passionate individuals to join us in our fight to Save Ruskin’s View. We need you to help us be heard and raise the funds we need to re open the access so all can once again enjoy our view.

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In the News

The  Guardian threat?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other and coverage on the BBC’s North West Tonight Kirkby Lonsdale needs £1m to  save famous Ruskin’s View – BBC News). Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery have made a dedicated ale named ‘1822’ (The  name commemorates the year when JMW Turner’s painting of ‘The view from the Churchyard at Kirkby Lonsdale’  was first published as a watercolour engraving in Thomas Whitaker’s “An history of Richmondshire”) and are donating 10% of profits from the sale of the ale towards the campaign.  


Community Support

Support from Kirkby Lonsdale Town Council

As this is a priority project for Kirkby Lonsdale Town Council (KLTC), unsurprisingly there are a number of the town council who volunteer with save Ruskin’s View. The town council understand the importance of Saving the View and as such, many of the council are volunteers and Friend’s of Ruskin’s view.

KLTC contributed £50k last year and will donate another $50k this year in addition to funding all the technical surveys., design work and letting of contracts. We areaway that £1m+ is a significant fundraising target, particularly in this current climate. A fundraising strategy is in place, which includes approaching public funders (including the national Lottery Heritage Fund), a range of trusts and foundations, a public campaign, as well as securing corporate support. The total raised so far is just over £100k (including donations, grants & pledges). Funding from local and regional supporters will be an extremely important part of our strategy; it will help us to demonstrate that the project has local and regional support and investment, which will be vital to lever in the national funding we need.

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